Italjet F125 with HCS (2001)

I tested the Italjet Formula 125 for Twist & Go scooter magazine back in 2001 and have been prompted to put it up here by two things: 1/Myles Crowder's project to create a lightweight FF fitted with the hub centre steering from an old F125 (see here: . 2/ the launch of the 'born-again' Dragster, complete with the SIS HCS in 2020. More pix to follow. PNB
Original photos by Bernard Zieja
Snapscan of T&G article by PNB

Italjet F125 with HCS (2001)

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Not just the wheel that is steered

On the Formula there is also a hub and upright, which is steered along with the wheel. However, in spite of these extra components, the complete steered assembly may well be lighter on this PTW than any other due to its small size.

I am also working on a similar to Myles Crowder, narrow track, enclosed 3 wheel concept that tilts, but uses conventional car like steering inputs, thus eliminating the necessity of counter-steering by the driver / rider.