Graham Robb in Voyager V05

Graham Robb in his blue Voyager V05 preparing to leave the BFF stand and the East of England Showground at the end of the 2022 MCN Festival. Alongside, Arthur Middleton is about to get in his red VF500FF and Andy Tribble is lurking behind Graham's helmet. Graham has recently fitted an automatic gearbox from a Moto Guzzi Convert to his Voyager in place of the original 5-speed Guzzi gearbox. It just has two ratios, high and low, and the red knob behind his left calf is what he uses to switch between the two. Bizarrely, you're not supposed to change ratios while moving! PNB
Lots more photos of Graham's V05 here:
Lots more photos of Arthur's VF500FF here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Graham Robb in Voyager V05

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Observent readers will have found more details of the Convert-conversion, under a couple of blogs: "Back to the Future II....."
followed up by: "Elf exchanged for hot meercat.."
Granted the titles are relatively 'Robbscure', but you'll get there in the end!
There will be more follow-ups, once I can think of a title....