Left & Right side views of the Dvalishvili Georgian FF (1978)

The last two photos that we have of Mr Dvalishvili's roofed creation. The one on the right shows that the rear canopy could be easily removed.

The following information has been gleaned thanks to Colin Russell's step-son Ruslan, to whom many thanks.
It's a translation of the text on the CAMMOTO magazine page that accompanies the other image in this folder. PNB

Presenting the winner of the competition.

Vakhtang George Dvalishvili is the 42 year-old creator of several home-built ‘MARI’ cars. An art director from the city of Kutaisi, in Georgia, his cars have participated in both international and intra-union (within the USSR) runs, as well as being demonstrated at various shows.

This half-enclosed scooter is a conceptual prototype created in 1978. It consists of a monocoque body with a plastic fairing. The engine is from a Vyatka Electron scooter.
Dimensions: 1800 x 600 x 1400 mm; ground clearance: 180 mm; wheelbase: 1300 mm; dry weight: 120 kg; kerb weight: 150 kg; maximum speed: 80 km/h.

Left & Right side views of the Dvalishvili Georgian FF (1978)