Bottpower Torpedo Electric FF Design (2022)

This is a brand new (May 2022) design for an electric FF that was spotted on Facebook by FF racer-builder Rob Horn. The accompanying blurb on the *Bottpower Project* Facebook page states:
"This is the BOTT Torpedo. It's an idea we've been playing with for quite some time. The concept is inspired by a design made by Hans-Joachim Maier in 1987.
The Torpedo is an electric motorcycle, its main feature is its low height, which allows it to offer low aerodynamic resistance, in addition to offering a fun ride with powerful braking and acceleration due to its low center of gravity. It is a "feet forward" motorbike.
Please, give us your feedback. Do you like it? If your opinion is positive, or negative, please let us know the reason.
This final image was created by Rémy ROLAND."

This is a link to the original *Bottpower Project* Facebook post, complete with some interesting comments:

Two images of the original BMW K100-based Maier mock-up have been on bikeweb for many years and each has been viewed more than 10,000 times. I have now created a folder for the 1987 design and added three more photos. You can find all five of them in this same One Offs folder, here:

On the plus side, one can say that this new Bottpower machine has the advantage of being indisputably FF and not just electric but two-wheel drive, to boot. On the down side, as I've already commented on the Bottpower Facebook page: "It looks too close to the original 1987 Maier project to be practical. As far as I know, Maier never built anything like this that was actually rideable; his design lacked both suspension and steering lock, and it looks as if yours does too! Likewise, it lacks enough bodywork to keep you warm in the cold, and dry in the rain!" Also, as far as I can see, this is no more than a 2-dimensional concept in a computer so has some way to go before it even matches the 3D full-size model that Hans-Joachim Maier created back in 1987. PNB

Bottpower Torpedo Electric FF Design (2022)

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Indisputable that it doesn't have "A seat back capable of fully supporting the rider" so it's not an FF, Actually it's not anything - it's vapourware. Learn to sketch with a pen on a piece of paper and this can be done without wasting electricity - or anyone else's time.