Subtly improved Vultus at Silverstone (2022)

Spotted at the Day of Champions, Silverstone Circuit, 4th August 2022. This Vultus has several very sensible accessories, in addition to the panniers which were an official Honda option. 1/ screen extension (essential for non-midgets). 2/ Large Givi Top Box (the poor internal design of the panniers ensures that they can hold nothing bigger than a sandwich box). 3/ Splash guards to provide some protection for the lower legs and feet below the inadequate standard fairing, which leaves the feet exposed to gale and hail. 4/ mounting for GPS, powered from the Vultus socket in the left hand 'glovebox' 5/ Batbike insignia on rack 5/ Bat-shaped number plate! It looks as if the top box has been mounted too close to the backrest for it to be folded down into its pillion seat position. Unless the top box can slide back...PNB

Subtly improved Vultus at Silverstone (2022)

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Have to hope...

I'm sure that anyone who has designed and built an FF in the last half century lives in hope that this thing isn't the last word in FF design from an international motor vehicle company!