The BFF stand and display - Top Turnout!

Beaulieu 2005: one of the biggest FF turnouts at any show, anywhere. If you count the standard and modified maxiscoots as FFs, there are ten FFs plus two Carvers on display.
From Left to Right: Mk1 Tmax, ComforTmax, Black Quasar, Silver Carver, Mk2 Genesis, Mk3 Burgman 400, Bananaskin, Mk1 Burgman 400, Voyager, CN250, GPz500. Blue Carver hidden at back. PNB
2005 Photo: Julian Bond (titivated by PNB in 2017!)

The BFF stand and display - Top Turnout!

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Yeah, But..

"If you count maxiscoots as FFs" But why would you want to do that? They lack either of the basic physical characteristics detailed in the definition of "FF" that no-one seems to have disputed these last thirty odd years - a sub 20" seat height and a seat back. And indeed, they usually feature the defining characteristiecs of a "Scooter" stylish but largely useless bodywork and a dubious form of rear suspension.

But don't mind me, can't have facts getting in the way of a good headline. That's how this great country got to where it is today!

Maxiscoots with backrests

Well, for one thing both David Scott's red Mk1 Burger 400 and Julian Bond's blue Mk3 Burgman 400, in this photo, have backrests....and most maxiscooter bodywork IS very useful in my experience, even if the standard screens are usually too low for all but the seriously short in body. Also, FWIW, the silver Tmax seen with the Voyager in the Beaulieu 2005 'track action' folder has a rider backrest fitted and the Jialing JL250 Helix-copy has a positive armchair, as standard, for the passenger! PNB