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V05 feeling better in 2007

Now repaired and back on the road

V05 feeling better in 2007

Genesis Mk3 & Burgman 650

You'd never think that these two machines are based on exactly the same chassis and power train would you? PNB Photo: Paul Blezard

Genesis Mk3 & Burgman 650

a) Ian P in Genesis Mk3 Burgman 650

More pix of this machine can be seen in the 'One Offs' folder. This photo by Paul Blezard

a) Ian P in Genesis Mk3 Burgman 650

a Mk3 Genesis well cranked (2007)

Blez tests the newly carbon fibre bodied Genesis Mk3 appropriately wearing a carbon fibre BMW helmet. See the 3 minute 2011 video on YouTube:
Photo by Jeremy Clifton-Gould, 2007.

a Mk3 Genesis well cranked (2007)

a Blez tests the Mk3 Genesis

Photo by Jeremy Clifton-Gould

a Blez tests the Mk3 Genesis



Highsides and the FF layout

Highsides and the FF layoutS

Definition; “FF”
A single track vehicle with a seat base less than 20” above ground level at ride height, fitted with a seat back capable of supporting the rider. The front suspension should not be steered.

This information applies 'open cockpit' FFs of the type shown on my site and Quasars. FF's with outriggers may be a special case and this is considered speculatively in the text.

This knowledge is based on the Quasar and Voyager production projects and personal motorcycle experience since 1961. Study of video records of other peoples highsides has also informed this study.

By Quasar to the Dirt Bike Show (Nov 06)

© Paul Blezard 2006

The Dirt Bike Show in the middle of November provided me with an excuse to go for a ride in my Quasar for the first time in two months. I didn’t think the bike was actually going to start when I first hit the button on the Friday afternoon – the starter motor wouldn’t even ‘catch’ to turn over, but just kept spinning uselessly. But just as I was going to give up after about five frustrating minutes, the old Reliant engine fired. Thinking that I might want to carry lots of bits and bobs back from the show, I fitted the brilliantly designed wrap-around panniers for the first time this year. It’s a straightforward five minute job which actually took about half an hour by the time I’d got all the nuts, bolts and spanners together and drilled a new hole for an extra bolt to hold the number plate on. I wiped the rain-splattered screen before leaving and was pleased to see that the wipers still worked, but I had to stop at a garage just down the road to wipe the screen more thoroughly on both sides because in the eight weeks it had spent sitting on my forecourt it had acquired a film on the glass which made it hard to see through in the dark.

Panniers for a Burgman AN400Y

Can anyone tell me who makes hard panniers for a 400 Burgervan


website confusion

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this site. Is there a page like a forum where a message is sent and others can reply to. Does my blog go out to everybody or only people who want to see my blog. How can I upload a picture of a FF project.

Two emails from Neo-Fukuoka (Kaneda's Powerbike)

The first email is this:

Thank you for an inquiry.
It is under adjustment towards sale. Reservation is due to be started as soon as the production facility of a factory is ready.
Thank you for your consideration.

The second just came last night:


It is explanation of this motorcycle.

A name is "neo-fukuoka.ver2."
Full length is a little less than 3m.
Engine is 250 cc of a water-cooled single cylinder.
An engine maker is a product made from "KAWASAKI."
The five-step gear of a hand operated clutch (Operation is the same as the
usual motorcycle.)
A front brake is a double disk.
A rear brake is a single disk.
The planned body is a product made "FRP."

Thank you for your consideration.


Safer bikes

I'm passionate about having a choice in everything and that includes bike safety. I bought a BMW C1 4 years ago and I still think it is a brilliant concept and a really enjoyable ride round town. I needed to travel further two years ago so bought a Honda Silverwing scooter and I'd love to see Honda bring out one with a safety cell like the C1. The BMW C1 should have been exempt from the helmet law as its safety features are more akin to a car and it is just stupid to wear a helmet in a belted vehicle.

Mexican FF

Here's a good one. I particularly like the illuminated skull.

Ian's picture

FF Films

Some clips from old TV programmes about FF's and some films of ourselves in action.

Hope you like them.

Voyagers Going Mobile

Voyager news item

Voyager Top Gear test

Design Matters

FF history

Beaulieu Ride 2003


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