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website confusion

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this site. Is there a page like a forum where a message is sent and others can reply to. Does my blog go out to everybody or only people who want to see my blog. How can I upload a picture of a FF project.

Two emails from Neo-Fukuoka (Kaneda's Powerbike)

The first email is this:

Thank you for an inquiry.
It is under adjustment towards sale. Reservation is due to be started as soon as the production facility of a factory is ready.
Thank you for your consideration.

The second just came last night:


It is explanation of this motorcycle.

A name is "neo-fukuoka.ver2."
Full length is a little less than 3m.
Engine is 250 cc of a water-cooled single cylinder.
An engine maker is a product made from "KAWASAKI."
The five-step gear of a hand operated clutch (Operation is the same as the
usual motorcycle.)
A front brake is a double disk.
A rear brake is a single disk.
The planned body is a product made "FRP."

Thank you for your consideration.


Safer bikes

I'm passionate about having a choice in everything and that includes bike safety. I bought a BMW C1 4 years ago and I still think it is a brilliant concept and a really enjoyable ride round town. I needed to travel further two years ago so bought a Honda Silverwing scooter and I'd love to see Honda bring out one with a safety cell like the C1. The BMW C1 should have been exempt from the helmet law as its safety features are more akin to a car and it is just stupid to wear a helmet in a belted vehicle.

Mexican FF

Here's a good one. I particularly like the illuminated skull.

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FF Films

Some clips from old TV programmes about FF's and some films of ourselves in action.

Hope you like them.

Voyagers Going Mobile

Voyager news item

Voyager Top Gear test

Design Matters

FF history

Beaulieu Ride 2003










I James Background

I am a Mortgage Broker based in The Forest of Dean. In my youth I rode a Lambretta Scooter until I was 22 years of age. At age 62 I have returned to scooterring by purchasing a new Honda Silverwing in June 2005. Before I took delivery of the Silverwing I undertook refresher training. I have since taken things steady and now am getting to grips with the bike. The enjoyment derived is tremendous. I attended Peter Billington's open day and was quite impressed with his comfortmax. I would like to say that I am an all weather biker but I may winterise the bike when the road salt appears.




Low CoG limitations reply

Low CoG limitations reply. This is a reply to David Botting's paper with my comments inserted.

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Limitations of low CG design

Please find attached a written article covering some of the less favourable aspects of low CG design. The article is in part written as a reply to the theories put forward by Royce Creasey in 'Feet First - The Physics'.

The average sports-tourer has nowhere near the amount of power to make wheelies a serious disadvantage. It is only over a very narrow rev range, between 500 - 1000rpm, at peak power and in first gear that such bikes are able to lift the front wheel from the ground (not the same as continuing a wheelie).

This = just a split second. Provided that a modicum of skill and throttle restraint is applied in first gear, the front wheel can easily be kept on the floor without serious loss of acceleration, and who needs to accelerate THAT hard anyway? It is wildly unlikely that a ‘looping’ situation would occur without the direct intention of a wheelie.

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