Commercial FFs (and prototypes which could or might yet be)

  • Have Panniers, Can Travel!

    Gurney Alligators

    The Amazing Alligator FFs of American racing legend Dan Gurney which were put into limited production in the Noughties.

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  • LitMotors Cabin Racers?

    Lit Motors GyroFF AEV C-1 electric cabin motorcycle

    This amazing machine would appear to be a dream two-wheeled car/FF. Greenly electric, gyro-balanced, aerodynamic, comfortable, takes two, steers itself around corners er, somehow, and can't fall over. What's not to like?
    Can Danny Kim and his California crew really make it work as claimed and sell it for $25,000? They're having a damn good go!
    We've been watching their progress since 2010 with open-mouthed interest. PNB

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  • Steve 'electric' Labib tries a Vultus

    HONDA's FFs

    Honda have come closer to building production FFs than any other mass manufacturer. They started with the Helix/Spazio/Fusion CN 250 in 1985, in production for more than two decades, then followed it by the 680cc V-twin custom-cruiser the DN-01, first shown as a prototype at the 2005 Tokyo Show and in production by 2008. Then, in 2014, Honda launched the NM4 Vultus, in both 700cc (for the USA) and 750cc versions. It is definitely the most FF-ish mass-produced motorcycle so far, but far less original than Honda would like people to believe! And at 25 inches, the Vultus's seat height is even lower than the Helix's or any other standard machine currently available.

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  • DN-01 @ Ace Cafe

    Honda DN01 automatic

    Honda's Auto-cruiser pseudo-FF. So near and yet so far!

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  • In Thailand - Everyone rides :)

    Seen in Thailand

    FF and FF related bikes of interest seen in Thailand

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