Two emails from Neo-Fukuoka (Kaneda's Powerbike)

The first email is this:

Thank you for an inquiry.
It is under adjustment towards sale. Reservation is due to be started as soon as the production facility of a factory is ready.
Thank you for your consideration.

The second just came last night:


It is explanation of this motorcycle.

A name is "neo-fukuoka.ver2."
Full length is a little less than 3m.
Engine is 250 cc of a water-cooled single cylinder.
An engine maker is a product made from "KAWASAKI."
The five-step gear of a hand operated clutch (Operation is the same as the
usual motorcycle.)
A front brake is a double disk.
A rear brake is a single disk.
The planned body is a product made "FRP."

Thank you for your consideration.


I'm going to try and keep the contact open to gain more information. And I will update here when I get it.