cmax two up, front side view

This is my second Cmax conversion on roll-out from workshop to bodyshop. The gold-coloured 'Big head' bonding fasteners can be seen in various places, ready for the first pieces of bodywork to be bonded on.

The seat transport system provides single-handed operation, pulling up on the release bar, just visible at the rear lower seat back in this picture, and lifting the cross bar behind the seat back, visible in other pictures, releases the entire seat back assembly which can then be moved on a single yoke to either the front or rear position. Locating latches are on the seat back transport assembly.

Seat base/engine cover/'bonnet'/'hood', hinges at rear of seat base to reveal engine etc. Front panel to-be, between headlights, hinges forward to reveal fuses, lights etc.

Yoke behind seat, laying back in the two-up pictures, is head fairing transport yoke.

Footbox is current 'generic' type, would have been used on TTXGP racer, will be used on BMW FF800 etc.

Ignition switch and 'handbrake' operating lever have been moved to improve passive safety.

This conversion is based on a nearly new 2008 Tmax scooter. The first conversion, the "Comfortmax", left me as a crude 'proof of concept' demonstrator and after completion by Andrew Gibbon is in road use. This conversion is intended as a full-specification road vehicle for everyday use. The passenger system is a development of the Voyager transportable seatback system. This conversion is also reversible except that the lower radiator mounting bracket (£72.00), the wheelbay plastic panel (£72.00) and probably the front indicators (£32.00 ea.) are permanently modified. All Tmax parts removed have been retained and this vehicle may be available for sale, with these parts, in four years time due to owners work posting.

cmax two up, front side view