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New Ride video

After many mods and a lot of work the Beast is close to being road worthy.
Still need to finish enclosing it.

Took it out for a test ride last weekend (4-27-15) lots of fun to ride now.

Here is the Video on YouTube
or Search YouTube for CABIN MOTORCYCLE RIDE and Cabin Motorcycle Test ride.

Doug Koelfgen, Albertville, Minnesota USA

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Beast modifications

Last night I lowered the seat 3" and adjusted the Trailing Arm (front swingarm) pivot back .700" thinking my low speed handling problems are the result of too much trail.
Also went to Deadwood and got a license plate. Have to correct my earlier Blog, the LT is a year 2000 not 1999, also I have 45 years riding experience not 35. Fuzzy math going on when I wrote that (35 years).
Can't wait to try the new setup.

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First ride

I should preface the following with the information that I live out in the country, my driveway is gravel and a 1/2 mile long.

Took the machine out for the first test drive today, kind of exciting.

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Doug's FF Machine

Doug writes: "Here are some pictures of my FF project. Have been working on this for a few years (off and on) but more time lately and getting ready for a de-bugging ride. Built from a crashed 1999 K1200LT."
I have created a new folder for Doug's photos, and shrunk them to a suitable size for web use. See the folder for Doug's KLT-engined 'Beast' in the 'OneOffs' section of the image galleries here:

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