• Penny Farthing Passes Ecomobile! (1992)


    Photos of the first generation of Peraves Ecomobiles built with BMW K100 engines. The earliest machine shown here is the original BMW Boxer twin-engined 'proof of concept' prototype from 1982. The earliest K100-powered beast is 'The Old Blue Machine' built in 1985. There are also photos of its two 'sister machines' built in 1987, with the same stripey design, but different green and yellow colouring. There was also a fourth one with a red stripe. All four machines were seen driving together in the Top Gear FF feature broadcast in April 1988. PNB.

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  • Electric Monoracer Dash

    MonoRacers from (Born Again) PERAVES CZ from 2016 on

    After the original Peraves CH (Switzerland) company ended in 2015, Peraves CZ was born-again in the Czech Republic at Medlanky, on the outskirts of Brno. Peraves Ecomobiles were built there for several years until 2005 and production Monotracers had always been built there, from the reshaped machine's creation in 2006. Initially, some new and renamed MonoRacers were made fitted with second-hand but guaranteed BMW K1200LT engines, after BMW ceased making that engine, but the intention was always to go all-electric, as already pioneered by the Peraves CH machines, and DesignWerk from 2008 to 2014. The renamed W19A-MonoRacer-MRE was first seen in publicity photos in 2017 and was originally due to go into production in 2018, but it is now due in 2020.

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  • Genesis, ZeroTracer + Tesla (2011)


    Photos of the one and only electric Ecomobile, the first two electric Monotracers and the first DesignWerk ZeroTracer, which went around the world in 80 days in 2010-2011.

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  • Monotracer Moment @ Bedford Autodrome (2009)

    Peraves CH MONOTRACERS – from 2006-2014

    The last Peraves Ecomobiles were built in 2005, when there was a terrible fire in the factory near Brno. By 2006, a completely new shape had been created by Swiss design graduate Tobi Wülser and name Monotracer. It used a similar monocoque bodyshell wrapped around the same BMW K1200 running gear. The first Monotracer prototype ran at Brno in unfinished form in the summer of 2006 and it was running on the road by the end of the year. Its first appearance at a Brno training week in completed, street legal form was in 2007, by which time the first customer machine was also finished and delivered.

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