Moto Guzzi-based Phasars & Quasars

  • HCS Moto Guzzi in MCN (1982)

    HCS Moto Guzzi Convert Phasar

    The Moto Guzzi Convert-based Phasar with Tait hub centre steering

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  • V50 FF 2023 (now with Underslung Tank)

    Monty Billington's Tait-steered V50 Moto Guzzi

    This machine was built by Malcolm Newell in the early 1980s but completely stripped and rebuilt by Monty Billington when he bought it in 1986. Since then it's undergone several radical changes. First at the hands of Royce Creasey, while Monty still owned it, and afterwards in the hands of Eddie McDonnell and Rob Ring. At the time of writing (August 2020) it is undergoing further work in John Bruce's workshop.

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  • Ed McD in V50 Phasar at Oulton Park in 1994

    The V50 Quasar that morphed into a V75 Phasar!

    As can be seen from the photos here, this machine has changed dramatically in appearance down the decades. A lot of the parts have changed too. It's a classic 'Grandma's Broom'. It started as a V50-powered Quasar with a very short (standard) wheelbase. Eddie McDonnell acquired it from the original owner and removed the roof, turning it into a Phasar similar to Monty Billington's. Now (in August 2020), new owner Martin Vermeire is giving it a thorough overhaul and changing its appearance yet again.

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