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  • Quasar 002 at PDQ, 31st Aug 2018

    Gavin Newell's Quasar (002)

    An original Quasar, No.002, that has been owned and ridden by Gavin Newell, son of Malcolm, since 2012. In the past it was owned by the late Nick Roche, Andy Tribble and John Cooper.

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  • Quasar in Carcassonne, post-crash, (1984).

    Quasar FHR 942W

    FHR 942W is one of the original Reliant-engined Quasars. Mildly tuned and painted blue when it was owned by Kidge Elder, it was subsequently owned by Neil Vass and Shawn Grinter before being sold to The National Motorcycle Museum in 2014. Thirty years earlier, In September 1984, Neil Vass generously lent it to Paul Blezard to take to the Bol d'Or 24 hour endurance race at the Paul Ricard circuit in the South of France and that adventure was recounted in the pages of both Bike magazine and Motorcycle Sport. Neil later had it painted red, and fitted with both reverse gear and seat belts. He subsequently lent it to Pete Lawrence to do the same trip to the Bol d'Or and to Paul Blezard for various other events. Shawn Grinter had the machine painted yellow and attended many Quasar gatherings between 2000 and 2010.

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  • Freshly painted GTS Quasar Oct 2023

    Ryan GTS-Quasar

    Mike Ryan's ground-up build of a Quasar based on Yamaha's hub centre steered 100bhp, 4 cylinder GTS 1000.

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  • Sports & Standard Quasar Bodyshells

    The Sports Quasar Mock-up

    The 'Sports Quasar' was a smaller single-seater created by Malcolm Newell for a late '70s motorcycle show, where it was displayed on the Avon stand.
    It was never a running machine, and the bodywork was mostly plywood rather than fibreglass. It languished outside the cottage where Malcolm lived for many years, but its remains still exist. PNB

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