Malcolm Newell's Creations

  • Richard B riding his GW Phasar in 1988

    Gold Wing Phasars

    Malcolm Newell built several Phasars powered by Honda's flat four cylinder engine from the Gold Wing 1,000. One of them has recently been converted to electric power.

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  • Blez rides The Slug

    The GPz1100 'Slug'

    The rear-engined beast built by Malcolm Newell in the 1980s. The motor is from a Kawasaki GPz1100 and the hub centre steering is the Bob Tait design. Tudor Thomas has owned the machine since the 1990s.

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  • Side view of XZ550 Phasar in 2022

    XZ550 Yamaha Phasar

    The only FF Malcolm Newell ever built based on Yamaha's XZ550 Vison 4-stroke V-twin from the early 1980s.

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  • Blez in Last Quasar, Easter 2022

    'The Last Quasar' – Mk2, Tait HCS steering, Suzuki GS-powered

    This Mk2 Quasar is probably the last one built by Malcolm Newell, since it was not finished by him. The earliest photos here were taken when it was displayed at the Calne Bike Meet in 2009.
    In 2016 it was bought by John Bruce, who got the engine running.
    In 2020 John sold it to Mike Ryan who did a magnificent job of finishing the build and putting it on the road. It was featured in MCN in early 2022 and sold soon after Easter 2022.

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  • Malcolm & two Phasars in Heddington

    Yamaha LC-powered Phasars

    Malcolm Newell built several Yamaha two stroke twin-powered Phasars, all with Twin Head Steer; a 250 2-seater and two single-seat 350s.

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  • Chris Baker in VF750 Quasar with Panniers, in Köln, 1986

    Honda VF750 Quasar (1986)

    Probably the best marriage of a modern motorcycle engine with the classic Quasar shape, further enhanced by the use of a Bob Tait hub centre steering system. Honda's V-Four shaft driven motor could almost have been designed for the Quasar! Malcolm built this machine in 1986 and it was revived and refurbished by John Cooper in 2011 after languishing in a garage for many years. As can be seen here, modifications included a subtle raising of the roof for more headroom, (as previously done by Mark Crowson on the QuickaQuasar). PNB

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  • V50 FF 2023 (now with Underslung Tank)

    Moto Guzzi-based Phasars & Quasars

    Malcolm Newell's Phasars and Quasars powered by Moto Guzzi engines. There are two V50s here (one of which is now a V75), a Le Mans and a Convert 1000, fitted with both Tait hub-centre steering and Malcolm's own Twin Head Steer design.

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    Quasar Brochure

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