LHS view.

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LHS view.

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This is the second iteration

This is the second iteration of my TZR-FF design. Frame is largely 50x25x2mm box section, with some 25x25x3mm. Engine, exhaust, wheels and swingarm are from a Mk1 TZR125. Hossack ball joints are the same Quinton Hazell joints as used on the Voyager HCS. Steering ball joints (not yet drawn) are THK. The seat back is from a Mk2 Fiesta.
The whole underseat area is a bit complex to say the least.
The seat base is also the airbox, which needs a cut-out for the chain jockey wheels (not yet drawn). The tank is mounted above the engine. This is the simplest option, but not good for CoG. It also allows gravity feed to the carb.
The ergo-gnome is based on me, natch. Wheelbase started out at 1500mm, but has shrunk to 1490mm. I can't quite remember why!

Dominic 06/11/06