Janie Omorogbe, aka 'Rio' the Gladiator!

Janie Omorogbe, formerly the Gladiator known as 'Rio' and now a successful bike journalist and TV presenter, tries my Quasar for size at Donington Park after the Kill Spills rally in May 2007. This photo appeared, along with an account of my trip up from London with 200 other bikers, in the August edition of the BMF's magazine 'Motorcycle Rider'. It was also used to illustrate my little box-out on FFs for MCN, a decade later. (See elsewhere in this folder). PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Janie Omorogbe, aka 'Rio' the Gladiator!

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Ian's picture

"tries my Quasar for size...."

She doesn't seem to fit.

Since I presume the Quasar has not shrunk - she must be a bit taller than Malc was!