R1 FF, 5 years and a big re-think

There's been a lot of discussion today (April 1st, 2009) about the relative merits of the Buell motor compared with the SV1000; the main concern with the Buell is the width of the primary and possibly cooling problems when it's faired.
The SV1000's only real problem is its length, though I am not too concerned about wheelbase; I'm sure it will still be shorter than a Quasar and by all accounts they go round corners very well.

So I thought I would post a few pics from back when I was designing the R1-based machine.

First off is a sketch of a possible design; I like this, it has a bit of the superscooter about it, and with 150bhp it would indeed scoot.

Next up is an anatomical figure sat astride the slightly-too-wide motor.

And last, my rather amusing balasted mule made at the recommendation of Ernest to check that I could balance at a 13" seat height,
and get out of it.

Yes and Yes.


Sketch of Hossack-forked bike: The Basking Shark42.89 KB
Polystyrene 'Fred' Astride the motor37.25 KB
Test mule with balasted box; easy to ride!45.54 KB