Over-nosed NSU? (Wagner's Critique, Keogh's Comments)

This picture of the Baumm streamliner has been modified by Arnold Wagner of Peraves to show his disapproval of its long nose.
He comments: "The BAUMM streamliners and other record breakers sinned by pointed front ends and long overhang before the front wheel to get the cross section down. They were instrumental for the bad crosswind characteristics attributed to fully faired motorcycles". For more on this, see the Peraves section of Bikeweb with pictures of an Ecomobile riding through a crosswind test. PNB
Renowned Motorcycle designer John Keogh comments: "Arnold’s right- a teardrop doesn’t have a point at both ends! A quote from a race-aerodynamicist I was working with recently was along the lines of “we want to surprise the air with a short quick expansion” i.e. large, round and bulbous – Erik Buell also followed that advice (and it also helps to reduce skin drag) – trouble is, it’s not pretty. JK"

Over-nosed NSU? (Wagner's Critique, Keogh's Comments)

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pointy noses

I agree with both these comments. It is a (understandable) mistake to assume that aerodynamics developed over decades for aircraft, which must fly, are particularly relevent to vehicles, which must not.

I'd just add that separation features at the edges of the 'short, quick, expansion', and other large areas of attaches flow, will also add indifference to turbulence, vehicle wakes etc.