NZ Quasar Replica

This is Dave Lochead's remarkable Quasar replica, finished in New Zealand in 2009
Dave explains:
"Built from a Kawasaki GPz550 UniTrak, and using the donor bike's monoshock system.
Forks are fabricated leading link currently set up for a slight dive under braking
It's probably putting out 55 -58 horsepower, and by my calculations weight is under 200 kilos, it's certainly deceivingly light, and has good power/weight ratio.
I haven't been beyond 200kph on it, but it has sufficient revs up its sleeve and good enough areodynamics to run to red line in top gear, if you're brave enough, which would be approx 220kph.
Not much more to say about it really; it handles superbly, and far better than most bike riders expect, and I am most happy with it".

To see the beast in action, complete with soundtrack, go to Youtube here:

I think Malcolm Newell would be chuffed to bits by this terrific effort.
Remarkable, considering that Dave's never seen an original Quasar 'in the flesh'!
(Photos courtesy of Dave Lochead)

NZ Quasar Replica

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At last, someone with the

At last, someone with the ability to create a replica! I'd love to buy a modern version like this but it looks like we've lost the creativity in the UK. I hoped Honda would have the vision but they are too busy producing things like the DN-01 which no one wants to buy! Never mind auto gearboxes, what about looking back to the 70's and producing a bike with great aero dynamics, low centre of gravity and a roof. BMW are the only ones to come close with the C1 which is the safest design, but lacks power.