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The aerodynamic feet forward motorcycle that I plan to build, after completing the Manga style body for a client, can be seen here: http://goblinmotors.com/GoblinFFM.jpg

This build will take place in about 8-12 months after completing the body design for the client. The client will have an exact copy of the base feet forward motorcycle. I will retain the motorcycle as payment for the work and send the one-off Manga style body to him for attachment to his motorcycle. You've got to love swapping skill for skill!

I am not able to see comments posted by others on my previous post, and probably won't be able to see comments pertaining to this post. If you have comments that you would like for me to respond to, feel free to email me at: monsoon (at) comcast (dotnet)

When I click to see comments, this web site only allows me to post a comment, not see others' comments.

Best regards to all!

Jeff Bales
Tucson, AZ USA

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