Allert's Honda Innova ANF125 -based FF

Allert Jacobs updated his site over the summer of 2010 (
he has now reached his target of 235 US miles per gallon on a public highway at 55 mph (max speed 85 mph). I suspect he could do even better with a head fairing. SC.

2017 Update. The article is still there, but the above link doesn't always seem to work, just try Googling 'Allert Jacobs + Honda Innova ANF 125"
However, since the end of 2010 Allert seems to have concentrated on human-powered velomobiles, or 'velomobielen' in Dutch, hence the website name. PNB

2019 Update. There's a great little 6minute video from 2012, shown on Dutch TV, (with English subtitles) all about Allert's excellent machine, here:
Or search on YouTube for: Ligmotor van Allert Jacobs / Feetforward streamliner

Allert's Honda Innova ANF125 -based FF

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2010 Ecomodder Article about this machine

There's a good article about Allert's machine here: