John Keogh's Sketch for a stylish Lynchmobile (2010)

Renowned and respected motorcycle designer John Keogh did a quick sketch of what Cedric Lynch's machine could look like with a bit of styling input, way back in 2010. I had hoped that something like this would be built in time for the second Brighton-London economy run in November 2011, but that didn't happen. Cedric says that the mirrors as drawn would add much more wind resistance than he would like; he would prefer them more like the ones he has mounted inside his existing machine. Note that this sketch is the copyright of John Keogh and not to be reproduced anywhere without his express permission.
Many thanks to John for allowing us to show it here. PNB
Sketch © John Keogh 2010

John Keogh's Sketch for  a stylish Lynchmobile (2010)