Chapter One?

I’ve been around the periphery of FF, looking in, for many years. I’ve had two abortive attempts at making a FF for myself, but am now half way through Mk III, and for that, as well as various other reasons, have been back to this site, and read…and re-read…and read once more…a great number of articles around this subject. It was only recently that I looked at some of the blog dates and they seemed…errrr..’aged’. My conscience was pricked. It seemed wrong to hoover up all of this stuff from others and not add back in my own experiences…even if they were only to help someone else avoid my errors, or to pass on some bright ideas (?) which I might have tripped over and which someone else might be able to use.

So here I am. I was of a mind to dump some stuff on here and (sloooowly…) bring my own FF story up to speed, though if there is a glorious silence on the early posts…or politely veiled suggestions ‘that I desist’…then I’ll happily bu88ger off back to the garage and forget it…on the other hand, if anyone finds it either vaguely interesting or sporadically useful, I trust they will say so and I’ll keep on going. It’s likely to be a meandering story over a few weeks or months rather than a technical treatise

Please be tolerant; I do slaver on a bit, and right now I have a few trips where I will have time on my hands, thus will be able to add to this…so don’t expect many pithy one-liners… I’m not great at ‘concise…’

Early posts will be short on pics…but I’ll add these, perhaps lagging the bits I’m talking about as I have time and opportunity. The project progress is in delay (naturally...) due to 1) work, but exacerbated by 2) CGWS syndrome (Cold Garage Warm Sofa…) when I’m at home, and 3) MITW (More Ideas Than Welding) when I’m away on business

Maybe people should not read in too much from the early posts. They will be around why I take this route; I think that matters. It is always easy to buy only what’s on offer, what marketing tells you to buy, or buy your way out a problem…but in my case at least, I want Different, and the fun of getting there and solving the tiniest problem, this being as much fun as the ‘having’ of the final product

Bored yet? Don't will be soon!

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win loose or draw - do keep

win loose or draw - do keep posting. We are reading!

Patiently waiting for chapter 2