Honda Linto layout

Here's a picture of the relevent bits of the basic (single clutch) Honad Linto(ish) layout. Double sided steel swing-arm, easy enough to modify to twin shocks and top wishbone, junking complex single shock under the seat. Radiator in wrong place, but small and there's enough room to put it under the heads, Yamaha style, once the catalyser has joined the rear suspension in the bin. Doesn't seem to be anything actually in the way of FF layout except clutch housing.

But the clutch housing may be a show-stopper, maybe too high. There's still some droop on the swing-arm at ride height, may be enough room to lower the engine enough to get a good seat height. I will return with a tape measure and take a closer look. No obvious other problems, engine hangs from steel frame with plenty of mounts. There's some sort of device on the exhaust immediately after the head, before the cat, that may be tricky, and it'll have to be geared up to get the terminal speed real aerodynamics will give - only just makes 100mph at present.

Two other problems, unlike Cmax is it can't be done with stock frame, suspension, so SVA needed in UK and probably regulatory problems elsewhere. Also only powertrain and rear end relevent making purchase of a complete bike a bit spendthrift. May have to wait for crashed scrapper.

Main (sole?) advantage over Tmax/BMW scoots is sequential six-speed gearbox.

Honda Linto layout

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Honda disadvantages

Disadvantages of Honda NC 700 compared to BMW's brace of 650cc maxiscooters: 10 fewer bhp, single front disc; Main advantage over BMWs: better fuel consumption.

2016 update. Since the advent of the 'big bore' 745cc NC engines in 2014, with a claimed 54bhp, the NC750, Integra and Vultus are only 6bhp down on power compared to the BMW maxiscooter twins and only 1bhp down on Suzuki's 55bhp AN 650 Burgman and the uprated Hondas still have much better fuel consumption than any of their rivals. PNB