Depth of powetrain at clutch housing

This is really the killer dimension. 360mm gets a height of 460mm once 100mm of ground ground clearance is added. Then 50mm seat padding gets you a seat base, at ride height, of 510mm. 10mm over the 500mm/20" seat height qualification. Pity about that. You can say it's dogmatic, that it'll still work quite well, but it's a high seat for an expensive conversion needing a new chassis etc.

There is a way round it. You don't have to sit on top of the clutch housing. You can see in the other pictures how this is just about do-able. To go further close examination of the top of the engine, a specific seat base to foot dimension, and the mxaimum engine tilt, would need to be known.

The main point in progressing this powertrain is that the chain drive allows the re-gearing that's essential to exploit the efficiency advantage of the FF layout. It'll go 15-20% faster given good aero's and the inability of CVT systems to exploit this is a serious disadvantage.

Higher gearing will further improve the fuel efficiency and the vehicle should be lighter than a CVT conversion. To make meaningful power comparisons it's neccesary to know whether quoted figures are crank, rear wheel, DIN, SAE etc. CVT absorbs more power than a sequential tranmssion which many users also regard as a valuable addition to user qualities.

Depth of powetrain at clutch housing

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NC700 to NC750 = 47bhp to 54bhp, claimed, at crank.

I think it would have been helpful to make it clear that this is a close-up photograph of part of a Honda NC700 engine.
I will add the same update that I have added elsewhere:
"2016 update. Since the advent of the 'big bore' 745cc NC engines in 2014, with a claimed 54bhp, the NC750, Integra and Vultus are only 6bhp down on power compared to the BMW maxiscooter twins and only 1bhp down on Suzuki's 55bhp AN 650 Burgman and the uprated Hondas still have much better fuel consumption than any of their rivals. PNB"