C evo chassis, motor & battery (2012)

The chassis and battery modules of the C evolution scooter. The modules are obviously part of the chassis but for FF purposes, unfortunately, they are 'back to front' with a big lump just where you would want to put the rider's backside. Spot the 35kW electric motor, hardly bigger than a car starter motor.
For our less observant readers, I should point out that this photo has been here, in the electric BMW folder, since August 2012, when I rode one of the first road-going C evolution prototypes during the London Olympics. The records show that 3,226 people have looked at it in the intervening 5 years. PNB
Photo: BMW

C evo chassis, motor & battery (2012)

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bare neccessities

You think the C.3 is the same battery packege? I wondered about that. So really the only bit in any way usable on an FF is the drivetrain, rear suspension. I like the way the motor is integrated into the swing arm, takes all the toque loads off the pivot, probably the ideal solution for EV final drive. Annoyingly enough it would be really easy to fit an HCS unit on the front.

But basically the entire battery/controller package needs re-arranging, possible but certainly not simple. Oh well, another waste of space. Hope the Bavarian state thinks it got it's monies worth.