The electric motorbike that runs 200 km at topspeed

I have a problem i need to fix. My workshop "Nest of Dragons" is 150 km from my home. The road is notorious for its trafficjams. I hate paying all that fuel. So ...i need a electric motorbike that can do about 200 km at topspeed, because the roads are all mostly highways.

New problem: no electric motorbikes do that at this time.

My solution: buying a electric motorbike, adding more batteries (in exchange for loosing the passenger), adding fairings to have it more streamlined.

At this moment we are doing tests with a electric scooter "Funbike". We want to do experiments with how the fairing should be test and how the officials will react to this motorbike. Belgium is not really that easy when it comes to accepting new stuff on the road. The pics of the funbike can be seen in the Image Galleries. It has now just a easy shape. Just to keep the legs out of the wind. To have the air "jump" over the rider. To have the wheels faired. No daily use kept in mind, so it has not a luggage space at this time.

The second prototype will be made after i see i don't have problems with officials on the road. It will be more intended for daily use. More luggage space. More body protected from wind, but still no roof. It will have the same donorbike as the Funbike.

The third prototype will be the one i will actually use to ride to the workshop. It will have a roof. It will have more fairings than Genesis of Ian Pegram. My goal is to have that range of 200 km at topspeed. I found out that the donorbike has a very low frame, but might be a problem to have the set of batteries increased in capacity. But ...i will to those tests pretty soon.

Result for the moment: Funbike has been tested to see how many Amps it uses at topspeed. With that in mind we calculate three hours of driving with this battery set. Not bad for a start, i think. I plan to get my insurrance today for this scooter and will test it whenever possible by riding around my town and into the city. I am pretty curious what the reactions will be.

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350kph electric motorcycle, on sale now!

Koen, check out the Lightning website. I think you'll find their electric motorcycle fits your requirements already. Maybe!

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Keon, why do you think your lightweight electric recumbent needs a roof? Unless you have sides too you will be restricting your vision, headroom and you will still get wet. If you enclose it you will need a heater for winter and air-con for summer and you will need a windscreen wiper to clear the screen that will get scratched unless you have glass that is heavy.....

Keep it simple. Wear a helmet, avoid the roof and save effort. You'll have a lower centre of gravity too. I'd wager at the speeds you'll be using it you do not need to be enclosed to gain much slipstreaming advantage and you will want to have good vision for the 200ks you are riding it in traffic.