He's no mug!

Sorry about the delay. Started thinking about a suitable mug as soon as I saw the comment but two-dimensional Wayne Erg is hiding amongst the composite sheet stock somewhere - and everyone else I know is an intelligent, aware non-mug. Obviously.

Anyway, here's one of them, chosen largely for being an actual 90% Euro Male. He seems to fit, just like in the drawing. Next job is to make the footrest extentions that will fit the actual rider.

He's no mug!

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Astonishingly compact, for a

Astonishingly compact, for a mid-engined FF. V. impressed.

The vision becomes clearer

That makes it much clearer - thanks. It was not obvious to me before how high the footrests are compared to the seat. They appear to be roughly in line with the riders COG. I imagine this will be capable of truly insane braking. I wonder if today's tyres can cope.

a single vision

So pleased with the design and the execution. Royce is a genius. Wait 'till you see the bodywork. Can't wait for my first track test.
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