Here we go again

All set for another session with the paper overalls and the pressure helmet, stirring Sicomin resin into glass cloth and micro-Balloon (AKA Glascell 10) Proper bodywork tent this time, inside, insulated, extraction that pulls the door open and much bigger than previous constructions. Unfortuantly so is Monoliner, longer anwyay, so it'll be a bit tight as usual.

I'm looking forward to this novel, very simple shape. It's the first racer I've done, first with doors and I'm incorporating a raft of demon aero tweaks. To see it you'll have to catch Monoliner at play, no way I'm broadcasting these details!

I get to practice first, a Voyager owner of my aquaintance has just lost a side panel, so I'll bang another one out of the factory mould. It'll be lighter and stronger than the orignal, epoxy not polyester (Eat your hearts out Classic Honad owners).

Here we go again

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Body work suit

Can you shoot a "selfie" in your body work gear please?