Who does your ducts?

I do unfortunately. It'd be a lot neater otherwise (although the front part isn't trimmed yet).

This is the radiator ducting that the external air intakes have to connect to - via short, straight, ducts on either side. The exit fills the rear of the head fairing.

This is all made from fabricated sheet, epoxy in 200gm. cloth, just about stiff enough to work with one layer, plus some re-inforcement at edges and curves. Very light, but strong and stiff. I used various pieces of ply to hold the shpaes during curing and the bifurcated front duct was quite difficult to make.

Ducts like this can also be laid up wet on plaster-skinned foam 'male' moulds, with the foam broken out later, but this would have taken much longer for a quite minor improvement on neatness and weight. In this case most of the complexity arouse from the head fairing support struts which are somewhat in the way - clearly a design problem.

The promo movie ("British state declines to pick winner...") shows external air intakes on either side of the riders shoulders. These are the radiator intakes. The intakes at the sides of the head fairing have been deleted, with air for the engine being taken from the left hand radiator intake.

Who does your ducts?

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nice to see some visual

nice to see some visual progress. how do you seal up against the black plastic lump? duct tape?