Visual progress

Making bodywork is the opposite of making rolling chassis. There's visual progress soon after starting on a chassis, it doesn't take long to cut some tube and weld it into a jig. Later things tend to bog down into gearlinkages and exhaust mounts and it's difficult to see progress from a distance.

Bodywork is the opposite, weeks seem to go by pissing about with little brackets, bonding fittings into pieces of GRP. Then, quite suddenly, there's a an explosion of mildy toxic foam fragments and dust, through which can be seen something surprisingly like the desired shape. Here's a picture of some of that work.

Of course, at the death, once all the shaping and actual GRP layup is done, seemingly endless hours get spent chasing increasingly tiny imperfections in the surface. After which it'll get handed to a paintshop where they'll make unkind comments about the surface finish.

I've left the foam backing on the sides of these panels to protect them in this tiny workshop. It'll get peeled off when it's time for shaping. This is Kingspan foam and the backing comes off reaonably easiley, using a sharp chisel to shave off any obstinate areas.

Visual progress

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nice to see

Nice to see things moving forwards.

Looks cosy too!

Great to have these build pics and informative comments from an experienced builder!