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I've added some new links on the FFilms page. I'm sure I've seen a film of Andy pontificating in his Ecomobile so if anyone knows where that is, it could be put on the list. Could do with some more so get filming yourselves in action on your FFs..... Oh. :-(

Anyhow - this is a short clip of what a V is like when splitting traffic, I don't think I broke any laws too much in that.

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Still in front!

Great to see a Voyager still doing it's competant, undramatic, thing. Sliping through the traffic in comfortable serenity.

Sad, no; Pathetic, that 25 years after it was designed none of the worlds vehicle manufacturers have had the balls or imagination to produce anything as good. Adiva? too slow, no heater. Monotracer? Way too big for these traffic gaps. So it goes.

Historians and pedants may note that this is the first production Voyager to have the instruments and warning lights where the designer wanted them, rather than where the prototype shop impulsively decided to put them. It's got an epoxy-glass dash panel, replacing the original, cracked, panel and the opportunity was taken to get it right this time.

One area where the world is catching up is fuel economy. My wife has a Skoda Fabia Greenline which does just under 60 miles per gallon at 80 mph. Only ten or so mpg worse than this Voyager. And it's stop/start tech. makes it almost as good in town. I guess the days of a 1960's single carb, 8-valve, petrol engine propelling one of the worlds most economical vehicles are over - almost.