Pro Tool, Pro Service

Here's a bit of history - In 1985 I bought a RUPES random orbital sander on the recomendation of my car bodywork Guru Barry Nurse. Fabulously expensive at the time it's been used on every body system I've since done. A couple of years ago I had to clear the dust from the brush holders but apart from that it's worked faultlessly. Something like this is essential for flatting off GRP, much harder than bodyfiller

Recently though I decided that the backing pad, the bit the 'stick-on' sanding discs stick to, was getting pretty frayed, so the discs weren't sticking properely.

So, tongue-in-cheek I went online, found RUPES (An Italian company)and located Power tool sales Ltd. They sent me a parts list PDF by return, so I could identify this BR5 part number. Later that day they quoted a price and delivery, both entirely reasonable and four days after the initial query the new backing pad was in my hands. In the meantime, apart from arranging delivery from Italy, they'd worked out with RUPES what the new, different, part number was.

It's worth noting that the new pad is a better design than the old one and works better.

Four days delivery for a spare part for a 29 year-old power tool. I think that's pretty bloody good!

Pro Tool, Pro Service