Honda's Vultus Man tries FFed BlezWing

Keita Mikura, Assistant Chief Engineer at Honda R&D, and a key man in the creation of the Vultus 750, had a quick sit in my 'Quick & Dirty' 140,000 mile FFed Silver Wing. The FFing amounts to no more than
taking the seat off, turning it around and leaning it against the top box to act as a backrest. Works OK though; provides more leg room and lowers the rider just enough to make the standard Silver Wing screen
the right height instead of too low.
The Vultus engine is much better suited to FFing, since it's the right shape in the right place. It's not possible to sit any lower than this on a Silver Wing because the top of the engine is right under your backside. PNB
Photo: Paul Blezard

Honda's Vultus Man tries FFed BlezWing

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Comment, Me?

I could make some comment about how I can prove that Honda R&D Europe have known about FFs since the late nineties when they bought from me a complete set of publications (Info Pack W.E.H, articles etc.) plus video's etc., indicating either a lack of corporate memory or good acting.

But what's the point? It would just get deleted by someone, like the other rude comments I've made about Honad...