Insuring an FF 2

Here's a link to the national organisation of insurance brokers. No great intelligence available on the phone regarding the problems of insuring 'unusual' or 'specialist' vehicles, but it's an avenue to expore for anyone having trouble getting routine insurance for their FF.

There's a 'customer' option on the site, with a window called "Find a broker" and although it's geographically based there's a "national" option at the bottom of the options. They suggest using that and trawling through the resulting list to see if a broker can be found prepared to play. 'Distance' starts at 10 miles so people living in the Great Wen or some other urban connurbation could start local and work out, might involve less calling.

Good luck! Let us know if anyone finds a broker prepared to deal with FFs!

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That might prove useful,

That might prove useful, thanks.

I was wondering what will happen to insurance when people start converting things to electric in greater numbers - or will they just buy stuff already made for them and throw all their perfectly good chassis away?

I can see a future with nicely EV converted 911's or Ferrari Dino's as rather fun. I'd rather have that than a city full of leaves (Leaf's) whining around. Lets have some style in the future!