Peraves advice and info sought

Hi all,

I am considering buying a second hand Ecomobile or MonoTracer (and will be visiting Roger Riedener at Peraves HQ next month)and would love to find out what the ownership experience is like. I have quite a long list of questions so a phone conversation might make sense? My no. is 01588 640550.


Dave Thomlinson

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Hello Dave, Did you ever meet

Hello Dave,

Did you ever meet up with Roger ?
Roger is a friend and I have a fair bit of knowledge of the Ecomobile and Monotracer if you would like some advice.
You can contact me at


Did you get anywhere with

Did you get anywhere with finding a 2nd hand Eco/mono Dave?

I'd be interested in going down the same path, but with Peraves shut down I'm having difficulty finding any information on how to find, or even a rough idea of prices for 2nd hand Eco/Monos.

Is there anywhere on the web where Eco/Mono owners congregate? (obviously there may be some on this system, but navigating bikeweb is problematic sometimes.)