11/04/2014 Typus is running !

Typus : First time on the track (Pôle Mécanique Alès). It was raining but everything else was fine...

11/04/2014 Typus is running !

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Excellente JM!!!

SVP Vous avez un photo au gauche ?

Felicitations! (I hope that's right..)

Nice tube fabrication and good to see someone taking foot protection seriously - there are various people out there with a limp that didn't.

What's the front suspension type? Looks like "Single Arm" as in Neracar, Reliant, Italjet scooter Et al. (but double sided like the Neracar) Outrigger location means it will steer with them deployed, without the need for castoring to prevent scrub and understeer. Classic solution really, providing there's enough stability.

My only query is the height of the powertrain, seems a bit 'up in the air', although I fully acknowledge the difficulty of packaging an ICE rear-engine layout. One of the advantages of E-power is that the batteries can be packaged alongside the rear wheel to get 50-50 weight distribution and a decent wheelbase, something clearly not achieved by Monoliner!

How does the rider location feel? I see you've got seat belts so the 'under the legs' steering shouldn't make heavy braking a problem (A major reason for 'conventional' hand control positioning - towards shoulder height), although it looks like you have yet to fit the front brake? I'm interested in how your layout feels in low-speed manoevering - parking, filtering in traffic etc.

Finally, how do you get on with the boring stuff - registration, insurance, all that. It's getting more difficult (Expensive insurance for instance) in England.

Good luck with development!