Len Purnell & his Quasar at the Bristol Classic Bike Show in 2015

Len Purnell & his Quasar at the Bristol Classic Bike Show in 2015

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I've no idea who Len Purnell is - or what form he's on - although he's also apparantly an older geezer like me. But more interestingly, why hasn't the Quasar got any headlights?

The lights are behind the

The lights are behind the windscreen

Oddly enough...

Oddly enough I'm quite familiar with the lighting arrangement on a Quaser, it just doesn't seem to have any fitted- but maybe it's got the (not unusual) twin Square unit arrangment, as opposed to the original twin 5 inch (Cibie)round units and the photograph - or digital image capture - hasn't picked them out through the headlight glass. Not entirely clear. There's a GRP panel in the body mould, that has to be cut to fit the lights, that would look like the image.

If I'm wrong ignore my post, it's just a pic of a Quasar with some geezers looking at it. Whose is it? looks tidy enough. Be nice (nostalgic even), now that everyone seems to have GoPros, to see some Quasar action footage.

Quasar No.5 at Shepton Mallett

First of all, thanks to Rob for posting this picture and kind words. I'll come clean straight away and tell you all that I did not ride it to the show, it was trailered. Usually my Norton Rotary is displayed on this stand and this year I promised something a bit more unusual. Unfortunately it is still not quite roadworthy, I keep running out of money just as I think I'm getting close.
Just to put the record straight, it has the original square headlights as shown in the sales brochure and all the period road test articles. I understand they are from a Vauxhall VX4/90. When they started using round ones I don't know.
Also isn't it amazing when someone calls you an older geezer and you can't believe it?
It was on my 22nd birthday when I rode the demonstrator in 1977 and that means I'll be 60 this year. Do I really look that old? In that picture I'm afraid I probably do! I don't feel it.
Cheerio for now,

Obviously out of touch

Sorry I suggested you were an old geezer, why, you're just a youngster. Plenty of time to get your Quasar running! I've obviously spent too much time in a workshop, lost touch with society.

All the Quasars I ran had round, (better,Cibie), lights but I wouldn't claim the IoM 'runner bean' was in any way standard, I left everything not essential to going fast off when I built it. Would have left the body off - it was much more agile bare - but the Wilsons wouldn't let me.

It's interesting how things that were described as futuristic in 1977 are now regarded as museum pieces, without ever having become 'contempory'("Nowistic"?) Same thing's happened to FJ. I guess this is how the 'mainstream' avoids dealing with inconvenient facts.

Maybe fitting a Quasar with E-power would short circuit a few minds....? It's got the space and aerodynamics, might even be lighter and you could avoid that gearchange.

Ian's picture

Ah! That's the mysterous missing 'Honda' Quasar...

.....the one that turned out that used to be a tricycle isn't it?

Now back in/near Brissle?

It was running not that long ago.