Here's Monoliner, stripped of bodywork that might get damaged by loading into the van, or get in the way of fitting onto the mount in it's next destination - MIRA's wind tunnel. It's about to leave it's birthplace and go out into the big, wide world. It's a bit like waving goodbye to your teenagers as they leave home. There's relief, but also some sense of achievement in finishing the job.

It did quite well in the tunnel. the CD recorded is only .02 worse than the NSU streamliner which did 240mph on 38 bhp. Monoliner has 90...

Sponsors or race riders who want to win future E-championships should harrass Colin Russell, Monoliner project leader. He has the photos of the fully assembled vehicle and the wind tunnel movie.

I've got a garden to prepare for spring. 'Bye, Thanks for all the fish.


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Wind tunnel test

Sounds very impressive. I look forward to some performance data.

NSU speed & power hyperbole

Royce said, above, "the NSU streamliner...did 240mph on 38 bhp". Not so – the NSU streamliners of 1954-1956 were amazing, but they weren't as miraculous as that! The fastest was the 500cc Delphin III which reputedly had 111bhp and managed an impressive 211mph. And it was head first rather than feet first. The biggest and fastest of the feet first hammocks was the 250 which crashed at 195mph. The 125 hammock went an astonishing 150mph, beating the previous 175 and 250cc records in the process. More here:
It was actually the original Triumph 'flying cigar' which was the first FF to break the 200mph barrier – and the NSU record, when Johnny Allen took it to 214mph later the same year.
See here: