MIRA tech report received

I don't think they have had such a slippery customer for a while. Aero devices worked as Royce intended - foot doors apparently are realy worth the effort. Monoliner - The new benchmark? inspired by G.A.Baumm R.I.P.

MIRA tech report received

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Screenshot too small?

Q: Can you make the screenshot any bigger?
A: Yes. Click on 'Original' rather than the default 'thumbnail' view.


The Wilkinson Motorcycle Company
Henry Ford
Ferdinand Porsche
A.V. Roe
Phil Irving
Gustav Baum
RAF Halton
Colin Chapman
Jack Difazio
Malcolm Newell
Len Leaman
Bob Tait
Frank Williams
Gordon Murrey
Harvey Postleswaite
Adrian Newey

Also perspiration, some cold.

Ken Leaman, Quasar co-designer and engineer

Surely *KEN* Leaman, not 'Len'? Is he still with us in 2015?

Air intakes

Great to see such an innovative design go beyond vapourware. Any particular reason for not using NACA ducting for the side air intakes, or is that a possible future refinement?

Who does your ducts?

NACA ducts were designed to work in lamminar flow, without disturbing such flow, while avoiding icing as a result of the pressure/tempreture drop almost inevitably associated with "pitot" style intakes (Like the Monoliner intakes)

Flow over the sides of ML is not laminar and intake icing is not an issue at ground level. So NACA ducts might not work at all and there'd be little point anyway.

The question you should ask is "Why, knowing (as you would) that the similar looking F.1 March 711/2 side intakes, didn't work (everyone ran the side radiators exposed and got better cooling), did you use them on Monoliner?

To which the answer is;- "not telling you"

Future iterations of this shape will be attached to a MotoE racer - which won't need radiator intakes like this, further improving the Cd.

Sorry Ken