Blez on BMW's C evo in FF action (2012)

This shot dates back to 2012, but I'm uploading it on the day in March 2015 that it was announced that the Barcelona police had taken delivery of a fleet of 30 C evos, complete with higher than standard screens. What a shame they can't so easily be fitted with lower-than-standard seats!! PNB

Blez on BMW's C evo in FF action (2012)

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C-evo conversion problem?

How difficult would it be to convert this scooter? Any pics of the bare machine, anyone researching this? Are they on sale in England?

Naked C-Evo pic has been here all along

Pic of the bare machine in this self-same folder!

Yep, clearly a problem

Thanks for that, not everybody has the time to match your archival dedication. Just another scooter then. BMW, Honad and Yamaha, three companies that could have done so much better, if they'd only had the balls, imagination or integrity. So it goes.