Craig Vetter seriously injured in collision with deer

Armerican friends report that Craig Vetter, motorcycle streamlinging expert, is (15th. August 2015) unconciouse in hospital with serious head and chest injuries after hitting a deer while riding one of his bikes.

Doctors say "His numbers are going in the right directions" and we must hope that he makes a good recovery.

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Sorry to hear of Craig's injury

Sorry to hear that Royce we all wish him a speedy recovery. Deer strikes are becoming a common occurrence, mostly unavoidable as they tend to be very unpredictable and of course they have no fear of the almost certain consequences involved in running across traffic travelling considerably faster than they are. A sobering reminder for us all. Get well soon Craig

Craig Vetter Improving

Tonight (24/8/2015) I spoke to Craig's son Zak, who was at Craig's bedside and he says his father is definitely making encouraging progress. He is still in intensive care and heavily sedated, having suffered five broken ribs, a broken collar bone, damage to a vertebra and facial injuries, but he is definitely improving.
I have posted a new photo of Craig in his venerable Helix, taken last January, here:

Craig now convalescing at home

I'm pleased to report that after several weeks in intensive care, followed by several more weeks in a local hospital, Craig is finally back home. He still has a long way to go, but he's come a very long way since the dark days following the accident and seems to be well on the road to recovery. PNB 30/10/2015