Gavin Newell riding his Quasar

An historic photo. Gavin Newell riding one of his late father's creations, Quasar No.2, at the 40th anniversary event organised by John Bruce in September 2015.
This machine has been extensively refurbished by Mark Crowson since Gavin acquired it from John Cooper, who in turn got it from Andy Tribble. It was owned for many years by the late Nick Roche, who was very tall and put a 'hump' in the roof which has now disappeared.
Compare and contrast with the way it looked here
and here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Gavin Newell riding his Quasar

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I refurbished this and was in mint condition when exchanged it for the VF750. All that has been done is a better paint job! This is how is looked when I sold it