Tank side on

Tank side on

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Onwards and upwards!

Interesting picture of progress on your FF. Always facinationg to see another persons take on any design. That's certainly a major fuel tank! So where will you put the radiator now there's a fuel tank in it's place? Rear-mounted radiators can work well and there's plenty of room back there. Check out the Monoliner pics - and aero-video - for ideas about a mounting that appears to work

Also I see you're using motorcycle style hand controls, does that mean you don't need the Voyager-style pistol grips the bike was delivered with? There are a couple of potential users for them, they'll fit any of the Voyagers, some of which have rather worn grips, or any of the other FF-builds with this HCS set-ups.

Good to see one of my desgins progressing, I'd begun to think that they were all destined to rust in sheds. Get in touch if there's any data on set-up you need.