The 'Doctor' Quasar (FHR 941W)

A bit of nostalgia from the early 1980s. This photo was posted on an Emergency Vehicles Facebook site in March 2016. PNB
Location and photographer unknown at present.
It's worth mentioning that this Quasar ended up in the Netherlands, where, several years later, it was discovered and reconditioned by Govert Gerritson who got it street legal again, painted it bright yellow and rode it to several of the Hastings FF meetings in the UK. See here:
It has since moved on and is currently (July 2022) in the Bristol area, not far from where it was built. PNB

The 'Doctor' Quasar (FHR 941W)

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Doctors FFs

I'd forgotten about this 'Doctor' Quasar. Paramedic use is one of the more promising applications for FFs. The ability to easily and securely carry medical kit, the rider security (Rider injury is a major issue for police and paramedic motorcycle use) and the ability to get through traffic, with prejudice if needed, is very attractive. The British Heart Foundation* seriously considered sponsoring Voyager production for these reasons and I'm sure that any 'urban-able' FF production would shortly see some in this sort of livery.

*At that time, 1990, improvements in reaction time to heart attack alerts had reached the point where instead of arriving at events where the casualty was dead, paramedics were saving an increasing number of 'permanent vegatative state' cases. Not ideal for anyone - they urgently needed a way of knocking another five minutes off the reaction time, without generating motorcyclist paramedic casualities at the same time.

The adoption of defilibrator sets in public places may have reduced that urgency slightly but any FF manufacturer will find keen interest in a "Public Service" FF version - Police, Paramedic, courier. If you find a Police FF on your tail, give up!