Shawn & Gerrit + 4 Quasars in 2006

Shawn Grinter with FHR 942W and Govert Gerritson with FHR 941W during the 2006 Quasar gathering. Govert had discovered his machine in the Netherlands and heroically refurbished it and registered it in NL, riding it over to East Sussex for this and many other Quasar gatherings. The red Quasar had belonged to Nick Roche before his untimely passing and was subsequently owned by Andy Tribble and John Cooper before being acquired by Gavin Newell, son of the co-creator of the Quasar, Malcolm Newell.
The black Quasar was mine, having bought it the year before from Mo Simpson, via the Bonham's auction at the Stafford Classic Show.
The following morning there were no fewer than 7 working Quasars gathered together at the same spot before we all rode to Brighton, as seen here:
2019 UPDATE: Govert's NL-registered yellow Quasar has since been acquired by Graham Fryer of FFelocette fame. We hope to see it back on the roads of Bristol and nearby parts very soon! There's a photo of Graham and his home-built FF here, after he swapped the original Velocette engine for a Honda VF500 unit: PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Shawn & Gerrit + 4 Quasars in 2006

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It says something about innovation, not just in England but globally in the arena of powered two wheelers, that all the Quasars, all the Voyagers and a goood proportion of the Ecomobiles, are now eligable for the Vintage motorcycle club machine register (Where you'll find FJ) and the classic racing series. I started out trying to be an innovator - looking to the challenges of what was then the future - and I'm now renovating some of these very classics.

I've always been more interested in the future than the past "Nothing we did today we couldn't do better tomorrow". But it turned out to be a minority interest!