Quasar stolen!

A unregistered Quasar, bought as an uncompleted bike at the end of the Qusar project is reported as stolen last Thursday (20th. October 2016) from a barn near Heddington Wilts. (The village where Malcome Newell lived). Quasar specialist Mark Crowson has been put in touch with the owner and more details may be forthcoming. In the meantime anyone hearing of a Quasar for sale should contact Mark.

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Missing Quasar (now found) - more details & 4 PHOTOS

A few more details about the Quasar that went missing from Heddington last week. It is white, has a Suzuki GS850 air cooled 4 cylinder engine (with shaft drive) and a Tait hub centre steering system.
THERE ARE NOW 4 PHOTOS OF THE MACHINE HERE: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/168
This machine has now been found!


I met the owner at the Calne show 4 years ago and he took me to see it. He wanted to put a Pan European engine in it! Hope they find it.


Local thinking is that it was an inpulse theft, with nothing else taken. Good chance it'll get dumped as unsellable or broken to sell the few marketable bits - engine etc. So keep an eye out for that unique Tait hub, bodyshell etc.

GS850 Quasar: Not so much 'stolen' as 'Lost & Found'!

May 2017: The missing Quasar has turned up in South Wales and may well make it onto the road some time in the not-so-near future. PNB