BMW C evo @ 2015 Festival of Speed

I had the great pleasure of riding a BMW C evolution electric scooter to the Saturday and Sunday of the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. I had a brilliant ride down to Goodwood from Vines of Guildford, where I'd picked it up. I got a recharge from one of the offices made out of converted containers near Gate 1. What I couldn't understand was why on earth BMW failed to exhibit a C evo in either of their large displays at the event. It should have been an obvious candidate to put alongside the i3 electric car and i8 hybrid sports car, but in their infinite wisdom, BMW failed to do so, just as they'd failed to do in 2014, when the machine was first launched, and just as they failed to do again in 2016! PNB.
Photo: a helpful passer-by.

BMW C evo @ 2015 Festival of Speed

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Are BMW serious?

Given the purchase price and their lack of interest in showing the C.3,. it's worth wondering how serious they are about selling it. May have got R&D budget off the Bavarian state, done it as an excercise, against the day when Bosch and Siemens catch up with Tesla. Lot going on behind the scenes in German E-vehicle development, could easily be BMW flexing their technology muscles, giving their in-house designers some practice.

Tempted to mail leopoldStrasse and ask for one to convert to FF...